The Barr Brothers Play World Cafe With Sarah Pagé

Posted on Mar 7, 2018
The Barr Brothers Play World Cafe With Sarah Pagé

Fans of The Barr Brothers might be lamenting the recent departure of Sarah Pagé, the band’s longtime harpist whose unique stylings are integral to the sound of new LP Queens of the Breakers. They’ll be excited, therefore, to learn about previously-unreleased performances of the band featuring the now-departed member. One of these performances saw the light of day last month, via WXPN‘s World Cafe.

According to NPR, Pagé “plays a harp taller than our 6’2″ producer, John Myers… [and] rigged with pickups and effects pedals normally used for electric guitar. In this session, Sarah breaks down her impressive setup and demonstrates the unique rock ‘n’ roll sound she can pull out of an instrument that usually looks more at home in a symphony than in an indie touring van.”

Check out the show, and savor the band’s takes on three tracks from Queens of the Breakers, right here.

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