The Silver Snails Go For Adds

Posted on Feb 4, 2019
The Silver Snails Go For Adds

The Silver Snails is an independent project that incorporates a stunning array of musical influences to create a kaleidoscopic, multi-lingual and progressive fusion of pop, folk, rock, electronica, opera, and world music. Based in the medieval wine country of Romagna, Italy and anchored by the husband and wife duo of Lucas Ward and Elisa Fantini, the mission of The Silver Snails is to open human hearts through song.

The group's debut LP, The 7 Melodies, casts a musical spell designed to unlock joy and unleash magic within the lives of those who listen. Revealed by inspiration and diligently sculpted, recorded, and mixed over a two-year period, the album’s songs incorporate English, Italian, and French with touches of Mandarin and Sanskrit. Fresh and melodic, the songs are stylistically adventurous, and each is illuminated by a different frequency of emotion like colors of the spectrum. The album is full of sonic surprises, from the unexpected entry of a child’s voice (the couple’s daughter) in “Dancing With The Stars,” to the intrasong genre-hopping of the musically-complex “Beatrice Russo,” to the laid-back island vibe of bonus track “Coco Loco.” The group’s theatricality, boundless talent, and joy for life is on full display throughout the album.

"The mood and feel of the music constitutes a musical confection full of charming allure… imaginative, flamboyant, and charmingly original in the best possible way.” -Pop Dust

“Ambitious and harmonically rich.” -Talent in Borders

“Warm and welcoming… The themes may be cosmic, but the sound is approachable and friendly, full of analog 'real instruments', lush vocals, well-crafted beats and textures, and infectious melodies.” -Music News

RIYL: David Byrne, Teenage Fanclub, Dungen, XTC, The Flaming Lips, Joose Keskitalo, Yū Miyake, Jonas Lundqvist, Shintaro Sakamoto, Consuelo Velasquez, Andrea Bocelli

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, "Dancing With The Stars," Track 3, "Beatrice Russo," Track 4, "Ave Maria A Zio Virgilio," Track 5, "Waltz For 2 Moons"

Goes For Adds 2/5

FCC Clean

Label: Snailform Records


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