Sunny War Goes For Adds

Posted on Jul 15, 2019
Sunny War Goes For Adds

Coming on the heels of her critically acclaimed 2018 album With the Sun, Sunny War’s upcoming LP Shell Of A Girl finds the songstress and virtuosic guitarist looking back on the rocky roads of her past with a surprising amount of nostalgia. The LP was written in a burst of creativity during a transition period, as War moved from the Venice Beach boardwalk where she first made her name to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Recorded, like With The Sun, at Hen House Studios on Venice Beach with producer Harlan Steinberger, the album features a cast of musical collaborators including Micah Nelson (Particle Kid), Aroyn Davis, Milo Gonzalez, Tato Melgar, Lesterfari Simbarashe, and Edith Crash. On it, War moves freely between musical genres, anchored by her self-taught fingerstyle guitar work. Played on a temperamental Guild acoustic guitar she’s named “Big Baby” for its tendency to squall and feedback, Sunny’s guitar work is as dazzling as ever, notes cascading out of the guitar in Art Tatum-ish flourishes.

Her songs cut deeply. Some are confessional – in “Shell,” for example, she explains her personal experience with the come-and-go nature of relationships – and some are wounded, such as “The Place,” which is a gently sung duet with fellow Los Angeles-based troubadour Edith Crash.  Both singles lay out the strength that War exhibits throughout her upcoming LP.

“[Sunny War’s songs] evoke a wondrous, breathless beauty and are filled with hypnotic, acoustic calm. Her songs are exemplified by her tender voice, her unique style of guitar playing and her ability to touch the listener’s heart with her lyrics.” –WXPN’s World Cafe

“I was stunned silent [by Sunny War] …  a voice that’s strong when it should be, fragile when it MUST be, self-taught fingerstyle guitar work, and a collection of songs almost without peer…” -American Highways

RIYL: Tracy Chapman, Valerie June, Particle Kid, Ani Difranco, Odetta, Julie Byrne, Erykah Badu, Cat Power

FCC Clean

Label: Hen House Studios/ ORG Music

Going For Adds 7/16

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