After years of friendship, musicians Kapitan (Dori Sadovnik) and Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) have joined to create a free-form of ambient, instrumental music that touches the soul. Rejoicer’s catalog floats between soul and jazz, ambient and lo-fi hip hop grain; the artist has released several albums on his Raw Tapes imprint since coming up in the Tel Aviv music scene more than a decade ago. Sadovnik is half of the incandescent duo Red Axes, a groundbreaking act that has performed its distinct blend of thumping house-techno in countless countries across the world. This record – Music For Superstars – is the result of an impromptu recording session at Six Senses Ibiza in August 2023, and a one-off live performance in a quiet field along a hillside of the island.

On the LP, the two friends strip down their artistic approach to washy swells of haunting melodies that sound as if Can, Aphex Twin, and Kraftwerk spent a psychedelic summer along the Mediterranean communicating telepathically. The compositions are surely not “songs,” but rather brush-strokes of midnight blue, orange, gold and purple hues painted in a celestial orbit using a simple setup of an Erika Perkons Drum Machine, a Prophet 06 Synth, and a Pocket Piano Synth. The first single of the album — “Bim Murton” — is for deep, conscious listening. The track evokes an extraterrestrial feeling of sound and space by using an arsenal of minimal analog synths and sequencers. There’s a sinister beauty behind “Ritual Oko,” the second single, on which a tape delay of staccato rhythm pulled from a Krautrock blueprint is stripped free of percussion and transformed into a lush cascade of drippy synths
sprouting in a forest of 4/4 mechanism.

Recommended Tracks: Track 2, “Bim Murton,” Track 6, “Ritual Oko,” Track 3, “Rockstar Superstar”

FCC Clean

Label: Raw Tapes

Goes For Adds 5/14

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