Ben Barnett is a musician who has, all his life, documented experiences through song. After releasing eight albums, six singles and five splits as Kind of Like Spitting over the course of a decade, retiring the moniker and reinventing himself as Music Director of Seattle’s Paul Green School of Rock.

The problem is Barnett found himself completely incapable of keeping away from his eight-track cassette recorder.  After spending years touring the nation and writing songs he started recording ideas off and on, in two and three hour chunks.  Sometimes between teaching classes over the course of a couple years.  He’s now emerged triumphant with a new band, Blunt Mechanic, and said band’s debut full-length, World Record. Both band and album tip heavy on the riffaged hooks and light on the darkness; big on the thumbs up–no time for the thumbs down.

It’s time, folks, to strap on those headphones and jam the jams. Feel it.

Recommended tracks: 2, 6, 7, 5

FCC Warning on tracks 1, 4, 9

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