American Dreamer CoverNew York City’s Jeremy and the Harlequins offer a collection of direct, straightforward rock ‘n’ roll on their debut full-length, American Dreamer. With their roots firmly grounded in the Fifties and Sixties, Jeremy and the Harlequins relied solely on their own instruments and voices to create the authentic, raw magic of American Dreamer, which was recorded completely in analog during a furious two-day session at Detroit’s legendary Tempermill Studios (the White Stripes, Loretta Lynn). Jeremy Fury’s vocals sound like they’ve been pulled from a different era, using a type of heavy reverb reminiscent of Roy Orbison. Though the band cites influence from classic artists like Buddy Holly, the modern take of their influences will remind some listeners of recent releases by Arctic Monkeys or Hanni El Khatib.

The opening track, “Trip into the Light,” begins with an infectious, foot-stomping guitar riff that immediately sets the high-energy and vividly nostalgic tone of the rest of the album, while “Cam Girl” juxtaposes the album’s retro sonics with a 21st Century story about lusting after a girl “whose profile came up on my MacBook screen.” “Right Out of Love” is a doo-wop infused lullaby, with comforting vocals that contrast lyrics about falling out of love. From there, the album continues to showcase Fury’s vocal dexterity and the band’s mastery of different sonic landscapes with tracks like “Settle Down” and “You’re My Halo.” Throughout the LP, Jeremy and the Harlequins present an energetic, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining journey that takes us through America’s rock ‘n’ roll history with a reverence for detail.

SiriusXM’s Little Steven’s Underground Garage has picked “Trip Into The Light” as the “Coolest Song in the World” for the month of June

“Jeremy Fury brings his band’s Sixties-esque strumming into the twenty-first century with lilting, energetic vocals.”
Paste Magazine

“With some melancholy yet playful vibes reminiscent of both Elvis and Buddy Holly, the group of five stays true to their acoustic rock roots while mixing in their own definitive style. It’s not vintage—it’s retro.”

RIYL: Hanni El Khatib, The Black Keys, The Cramps, Tijuana Panthers, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Shannon & the Clams, Nick Waterhouse, Hunx & his Punx, The Gories, The Black Lips

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Trip Into the Light,” Track 3, “Cam Girl,” Track 4, “Right Out of Love,” Track 7, “White Star Bright Love,” Track 9, “You’re My Halo.” 

FCC Warning: Track 2, “Heart of Stone”

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Label: Harlequins LLC


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