KUROMA_20-CENTURIES EPresizeKuroma, a supergroup filled with minds behind such projects as MGMT, Amazing Baby, and The Whigs, return with a new EP following their recent full-length, Kuromarama. Kuromarama, produced by MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser, resulted from a long creative journey, and is a fully-realized record carefully designed, bursting with subtle nuances, catchy hooks, garage rock abandon and unadulterated pop splendor. Led by Kuromarama single “20+ Centuries,” the new EP includes a host of bonus material including two new tracks, a cover of The Breeders’ “Divine Hammer,” and a reworked version of “20+ Centuries” called “Twenty Centuries In Time.”

That track, described by PopMatters as “T. Rex-meets-Flaming Lips” closes the EP by presenting an extended, trippy, unrecognizable version of lead single “20+ Centuries.” With spacey-synths, intense vocal alterations, and a strumming acoustic guitar, the song is eerily sauntering and sensual. The EP’s third track, “Heavenly Justice,” sounds like a cross between St. Vincent and Talking Heads with funky, energetic slap bass and guitars that alternate between frenetic and jabbing. “Gonna Get Cool” and “Divine Hammer” hew closer to the band’s previous work, which it describes as “resembling that of an artisanal prescription spectrum of liquefied Jolly Rancher, [with] each flavor – each color– imbued with a solace wrung from the depths of a salty ocean trench.”

“Kuroma‘s latest…takes us back to the days of heavily saturated cartoons and cassette stores, topped with a beachy, California feel-good vibe.”
– Nylon

“Kuroma play soul-satisfying music that is so refreshing in this day and age. Their sound is the sound a record needle would make if it traced the bottom of a rainbow’s grooves.”

RIYL: Foxygen, King Tuff, Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips, MGMT, The Whigs, Broncho

Going for Adds 11/02 & 11/03

Recommended Tracks: All of them

FCC Clean

Label: Votiv


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