Matt Holubowski, from Hudson, Québec, has come a long way since his 2014 debut Ogen, Old Man, a collection of folk songs inspired by his many trips and experiences around the world. His next release – Solitudes, a collaboration with fellow Québecois Connor Seidel, sold over 45,000 copies and racked up 17 million streams, earning a Gold record as well as two nominations at the ADISQ Gala, Québec’s music awards, for Anglophone Album and Show of the year. It was around 2016 that Matt met his band — Simon Angell, Marc-André Landry, Stéphane Bergeron, Arnaud Belley-Ferris, and Marianne Houle, Antoine Goulet, and Lisa Iwanicki. Together they toured Canada, the US and Europe before the pandemic shut down promotional efforts for 2020’s Weird Ones, but Holunbowski endured, disappointed but undeterred, and played over 60 venues on stages across Canada as a solo act on an intimate tour, and in full band formation when possible, in festivals and concert halls. He also opened for Martha Wainwright’s latest Canadian tour and for a few nights’ support with The Paper Kites, all while carefully creating his next album due in 2023.

Forthcoming LP Like Flowers On A Molten Lawn is, in many respects, the most thought-out and precise record Holubowski has made. Previously, he had always refrained from getting too acquainted with anything theoretical, fearing it would rob him of the magic of naiveté. Now, he wanted to do the exact opposite, and recruited the perfect person to help him steer the ship: Pietro Amato (Bell Orchestre, the Luyas) Over the course of a year and a half, they met a few times a week to work, rework, imagine and reimagine, with Amato patiently mentoring Holubowski, lending his expertise by way of production, arrangements, piano, horns, keys, and modular synths. This collaboration results in Matt Holubowski’s most meticulously cultivated record to date, and crucially sets an inspiring foundation for the work yet to come.

“Compelling folk-infused indie rock .” – Dusty Organ

“‘Sandy Cove’ is a soothing and grandiose piece at the same time. The songwriter offers us an introspective piece that seeks to understand the actions we take during our darkest moments.” – Le Canal Auditif

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “End Scene,” Track 3, “Sandy Cove,” Track 4, “I Left The Light On,” Track 5, “Fooling You Some,” Track 7, “My Burrow”


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