Nima Kazerouni is a Los Angeles based multi-instrumental artist who established the dream punk band So Many Wizards.  From the start of the pandemic, Kazerouni concentrated much of his time working on a collection of songs and doing what he knew best; recording layers of melodies and counter-melodies with the arsenal of synths and analogue instruments he’s collected over the years. The result is a lush debut solo EP that touches on his life as a dad of three little ones amidst the precarious modern world that we all find ourselves navigating through. The eponymous set was recorded at his home studio and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk (Stereophonic Mastering).  He teamed up with several seasoned artists to bring the EP to life.

Kazerouni recently explained to Week In Pop that “The transition back into the bedroom recordings and writing was caused equally by two strong forces. The first was the pandemic but this occurred in conjunction with the new found duties of having a one year old as well as at the time, my seven year old daughter. Amidst family life and work at home protocols, I carved out segments to continue my passion of writing/recording but finding time and energy was a struggle. Sixteen months later and in the center of the pandemic in 2021, my baby boy Roman was born. Truly children are the ultimate gifts/creations of the universe but I knew then more than ever I had to be so much more dedicated and self-disciplined and to ultimately make the writing and recording process as streamlined as possible.”

“What is striking to me about Kazerouni and the projects he is involved in is his unique style of singing, his twist of a phrase and his lack in this day and age of adding digital whip cream all over everything.” – Dennis Callaci (Shrimper/KSPC)

“Nima rises from the chaos and worldwide wreckages of recent years with something that is composed with the deepest degrees of sincerities.” – Week In Pop

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Never Enough,” Track 3, “I Walk Down It”

FCC Caution: Track 4, “Go To Sleep” (‘goddamnit’)

Label: Shrimper Records and Tapes

Goes For Adds 2/21

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