Late last year, we sent you the instantly infectious “Argonauts“, the first single from The Little Ones’ highly anticipated sophomore album.

The group’s new record The Dawn Sang Along is powered by sun-crisped energy, a warm blast of rock songs that lean toward 1960s international pop, sampling from wherever Pan Am flew: from West African guitar strums to Caribbean beats to Brazilian bossa nova cool. The Southern California band are motion merchants who dish out dance-in-your-underwear jams, upbeat anthems to forget about the troubles of an increasingly annoying world.  It all kicks off with the infectious “Argonauts“.  The song provides a slice of twee with Pet Sounds-esque harmonies and sprinkles of electronica.  A sea of warm guitar washes under a base of dancing synths: a perfect introduction to the spirit of The Dawn Sang Along.  It’s music for credits of a teen adventure film, a heroic end to epic treasure hunts and bicycle-ridden debauchery.  “Forro” has a laid-back tone & breezy chorus while “Shake Your Sign” alternates between a rambunctious pogo-beat & dub, low-end friendly verses.

For the band, this album is an adventure of its own, a self-financed effort following their critically-loved 2008 record, Morning Tide.  Recorded between day jobs with legend David Newton, a storied producer and founding member of The Mighty Lemondrops, The Dawn Sang Along is a celebration of the DIY spirit.

RIYL: The Kinks, Os Mutantes, Talking Heads, The Beach Boys

Recommended Tracks: track #1 “Argonauts“, track #2 “Boy On Wheels“, track #4 “Forro“, track #6 “Shake Your Sign


Going for Adds 2/11 & 2/12

Label: Branches Recording Collective

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