Catching Up With Graham

Posted on Mar 8, 2010

Getting called in for jury duty ended up not being that bad. It was a beautiful day in downtown Los Angeles and a friend of mine happened to get called in on the same day. We got brought in for two possible cases, both for people on trial for murder. I was excused from both since they were expected to last for 2-4 weeks and I have travel plans booked next week for SXSW. Speaking of, let me know if you plan on being in Austin next week. I’m looking forward to some tasty BBQ.

News of the Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse) suicide was a terrible way start to the day yesterday. I shouldn’t look at the internet before I get out of bed. I just rolled over and went back to sleep, hoping to wake up to another new day a couple hours later. In the afternoon I stopped by and hung out with 400 Blows in the studio. Their new recordings are turning out great. I can’t wait to hear the finished album.

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