Rose’s Pawn Shop – Coming Soon

Posted on Jun 17, 2010

“Rose’s Pawn Shop brings something new (and quite lacking) to the current musical scene – originality. Not quite country, not quite bluegrass, but a wonderful mix of genres that results in a wonderful treat for the ears…Discard what you know, or think you know, about country music and bluegrass and listen. You’ll be a fan for life.” – Kill Your FM Magazine

It may come as a surprise to hear the foot-stomping strains of Appalachian bluegrass channeled through a rock band from Los Angeles, but heartache, loss and regret have always been the cornerstones of great music and this city has its share. In a town better known for porn stars and face lifts, anything as authentic and heartfelt as Rose’s Pawn Shop is a pleasant surprise.

The self-released album, Dancing on the Gallows, is in stores August 3, 2010, and in your in-box next week. We’ll be going for adds on June 28 & 29.

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