The Low Anthem – Smart Flesh

Posted on Jan 11, 2011

Having toured for two years since their last album Oh My God, Charlie Darwin,The Low Anthem are back with new music from their forthcoming album, Smart Flesh. The band has had plenty of time to write songs, experiment with arrangements, and day-dream the scope of this recording project. What they had in mind was a massive undertaking. Ten days were spent hauling furniture, gear, carpet scraps, and cabling to prepare the 40,000 square feet of vacant factory to be both a home and a recording instrument for Smart Flesh —all that before a single note was played. Paranormal hitchhikers, taught highwires, aircraft, swelling tumors, whirring machinery, deserted highways, mannequins, cremation, and formaldehyde make up the language of Smart Flesh. The album’s heroes, if there be heroes, are wiremen and lovers—reckless dreamers turning vain contortions in the swill of death.

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