Going For Adds: The Low Anthem & Neon Hitch

Posted on Feb 21, 2011

Going for adds this week we have two new releases!

The first comes from Rhode Island’s The Low Anthem. Recorded in an abandonded pasta sauce factory in their hometown, Smart Flesh shows them blending folk, country, and blues while using the sounds their desolate studio offered. Produced by the band themselves, they placed mics hundreds of feet away from them to capture the stark undertones of the space. Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes) mixed the record. The Low Anthem is currently on tour througout the east coast which ends in mid-March.

The second comes from UK’s Neon Hitch. Her single,”Get Over U,” is as infectious as a single can be. Pulling from influences like Kate Bush, Edward Sharpe, and Madonna, the song’s synths washes over you and sticks into the next listen. This release was a DIGITAL SERVICING ONLY but CD singles are available if you’d like one sent to your station.

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