Thanks For Supporting We Are Augustines

Posted on Jun 20, 2011

The new EP from We Are Augustines has cracked the Top 100 at CMJ! Thanks to all the radio stations that have been giving it lots of support:

KBCS (Bellevue, WA), KCWU (Ellensburg, WA), KEUL (Girdwood, AK), KEXP(Seattle, WA), KHNS (Haines, AK), KLSU (Baton Rouge, LA), KNDS (Lemoore, CA), KNDS (Fargo, ND), KPUR (Forest Grove, OR), KRSC (Claremore, OK),KRUX (Las Cruces, NM), KSSU (Sacramento, CA), KTCV (Kennowick, WA), KUMD (Duluth, MN), KURE (Ames, IA), KWCR (Ogden, UT), KWLC(Decorah, IA), KXSC (Los Angeles, CA), Radio Free Charlotte (Charlotte, NC),WEAX (Angola, IN), WLFR (Pomona, NJ), WMCX (W. Long Branch, NJ), WMXM(Lake Forest, IL), WNRN (Charlottesville, VA), WONC (Naperville, IL), WPHS(Warren, MI), WSHC (Shepherdstown, WV), WUTK (Knoxville, TN), WXAV (Chicago, IL), WZMB (Greenville, NC)


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