New Music from 400 Blows

Posted on Aug 17, 2011

Formed in 1997, 400 Blows quickly gained notoriety throughout Los Angeles and beyond with their menacing stage presence which would practically destroy everything in its path. The band is back with Sickness & Health, their greatest album to date.

With the ashtray voice of singer Skot Alexander, the revving guitar of Scott Martin (Big Business, Crom) and the always jilted drums of Kevin Fitzgerald(Circle Jerks), 400 Blows have given us an album which exhibits the importance of why we still need bands that will kick the ass and ears of concertgoers and listeners. THIS IS what makes loud music glorious.

ViceDecibalRCRD LBL, and the Onion’s AV Club have already given shout outs to the new album, calling it one of the best rock albums of the year.

Look for the band on tour this fall, playing shows with the Butthole SurfersMelt BananaMelvinsHelmet, and more.

FCC Caution on track #7 – screams “G*d d*mn” at 1:26

Going for Adds August 22 & 23

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