Ry Cooder: CMJ Biggest Mover!

Posted on Sep 16, 2011

Thanks to all the stations that helped make Ry Cooder the biggest mover on the CMJ charts this week. Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down moved from #186 to #53! The record is another stand-out release from guitar legend Ry Cooder as it blends Americana, Jazz, Folk, Blues, and Mariachi.

Thanks to stations like CFRU, KAFM, KALX, KBCS, KBOO, KCSB, KDHX, KFSR, KGLT, KHNS, KPFA, KRFC, KSSU, KUNI, WAWL, WERU, WESU, WMUA, WRUW, and WSHC for being a part of it.

Track #1 “No Banker Left Behind” has been getting the most amount of radio airplay so far, but we also highly recommend Track #8 “Lord Tell Me Why”.

It’s not too late to add Ry Cooder‘s Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down – check it out today!

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