New Music from Hidden Towers

Posted on Jan 18, 2013
New Music from Hidden Towers

Hidden Towers has been a maturing idea for over a decade. It would get dabbled with off and on in between more active projects and careers, but had never been given the full chance to breathe; until now. Founding members Chris Cantrell & Ben Holland, put aside last year to record the album they always wanted to hear the band produce and to enlist the lineup they always wanted to see the band become. Taking largely from bigger than life classic metal, 70’s jazz-fusion and space rock, Hidden Towers have evolved into a spectrum of sound. Their album is set to release through Defiled Under Music and features the single “Gleaming the Cube”, which went for adds at the end of 2012. The track begins with an intricate, reverberating riff and drops into a melodic & spacey rhythm that is layered with horns, resulting in something you would hear from any of the The Mars Volta‘s post-De-Loused in a Comatorium releases. At times, the band’s references coalesce to make a different yet familiar sound. One that is a nod to the rich musical history from Seattle located less than 150 miles south of their native Vancouver. On “Gainsford, AB (Cup of Blood)”, Cantrell‘s half screaming-half singing vocals sound similar to that of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and his guitar has a touch of sludge that many of the area’s bands made famous during the 80s and 90s.“Comoving Distance” displays the band’s final major reference. The fantasy genre the band’s lyrics allude to take on a musical incarnation with clean, meticulous guitar picking and psych textures with heroic vocals that explode during each chorus and spiral into driving hard rock.

Hidden Towers is the project you’ve always wanted to finish but were unable to. Olympus Mons is the moment you’ve accomplished everything you’ve set out to do.

Take part in the moment that is Olympus Mons.

RIYL: These Arms Are Snakes, Red Fang, The Entrance Band, Melvins

Recommended Tracks: track #2 “Gleaming the Cube”, track #4 “Gainsford, AB (Cup of Blood)”, track #6 “Comoving Distance”


Going for Adds 1/21 & 1/22

Label: Defiled Under Music

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