New Music From Rodrigo Amarante – Digitial Servicing Only

Posted on Feb 27, 2014
New Music From Rodrigo Amarante – Digitial Servicing Only

Rodrigo Amarante is a Brazil native who just released his new single titled “Hourglass”. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Amarante had the opportunity to play in bands such as Little Joy and Los Hermanos before branching off on his own to record his first solo album titled Cavalo. The multi-instrumentalist finds inspiration in being a foreigner. This album gave Amarante a chance to look at himself from an outside perspective. He states, “I believe that everybody can feel foreign in one way or another, in the way that they feel they’re perceived by others, in their bodies, their streets, in their fate perhaps, so I dream that this vehicle, an unpredictable mirror that I fill, that serves me and that moves me, can also move you, serve yet others, with luck.” “Hourglass” features Amarante‘s brooding voice over an assortment of instruments, giving off a distinct South American vibe. Its upbeat tempo is incredibly catchy. “Hourglass” is an introspective analysis, giving listeners a sneak peak inside Amarante‘s mind and full-length album, due in May.

The single premiered on Noisey today, you can check the feature here.

RIYL: Devendra Banhart, Little Joy, Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso

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Label: Easy Sound Recording Company

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