MusicRadar Interviews Blake Mills

Posted on Nov 12, 2014
MusicRadar Interviews Blake Mills

At just 28 years old, California-based Blake Mills has had an eventful, esteemed career as a session musician, writer, and record producer. He has worked with the likes of Sky Ferreira, Fiona Apple and Conor Oberst to name a few. Now, on his second full-length album, Heigh Ho, Mills proves himself to be a powerful solo act, showcasing “musicianship and insights [that] bear the maturity of someone twice his age.” MusicRadar recently sat down with Mills in an attempt to digest his dynamic career.

In this insightful interview, Mills recounts his initial fascination with the guitar and goes on to address the cultural stigma of achieving guitar virtuosity while dismissing musicality; “That just turns the art of playing guitar, something that’s supposed to be creative and expressive and personal and unique, into an almost athletic feat.” MusicRadar recognizes Mills’ musicality in his writing and performance, deeming him not only a guitar virtuoso but an expressive artist in his own right. “Blake Mills‘ songs get under your skin with a hushed, gentle intimacy that can feel disarming and soothing. Some of it’s due to his rich and understated virtuosic guitar playing – he doesn’t go in for the fast burn; rather, he dances and converses with melodies and moods.”

Mills discusses everything from why he loves to record in the confines of his car to why it wasn’t intimidating to play on stage with Eric Clapton. Read the entire feature here and get Blake Mills back on the Radio 200 chart!

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