KJHK and the Santa Barbara Independent Feature Alpine

Posted on Sep 9, 2015
KJHK and the Santa Barbara Independent Feature Alpine

Kansas may be pretty far away from Australia, but that doesn’t mean that Melbourne-based 6-piece Alpine doesn’t have fans there. KJHK, the campus station at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, is playing the band’s album Yuck and has given it a website feature. “Sultry lyrics, layers of gorgeous vocals, pulsing beats and atmosphere only begin to describe the lush work of art that is Yuck… It drips with lust, love, and attraction,” writes reviewer Emilie Stafford. However, she says, the record offers much more than that. “The band knows how to craft an album. No note, synth or beat is out of place. It is precise and dazzling.” Read the whole thing here.

Alpine has also found fans in Santa Barbara, California. The Santa Barbara Independent recently reviewed Yuck, noting its “shimmery explorations dancing on the outer edges of pop composition” and recommending that readers hear it “before summer expires.” Read the review here and take its advice by spinning Yuck as much as you can before the equinox.

Read the music video feature for “Foolish” via NPR here​.

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