Tacocat is Honored by Rolling Stone, Plays on WFMU

Posted on Apr 25, 2016
Tacocat is Honored by Rolling Stone, Plays on WFMU

Rolling Stone recently included Tacocat on its list of “10 Great Modern Punk Bands,” singling out the Seattle four-piece and asserting that “it was about time someone combined the Beach Boys with Bikini Kill.” The full list, which also includes critical darlings like Downtown Boys, RVIVR, Tenement, and G.L.O.S.S., is available here.

New Jersey’s WFMU is a legendary station. The station, which was founded in 1958, broadcasts throughout New York City and has a reputation for being an early supporter of experimental and independent musicians. That’s why it was such an honor for Tacocat to visit Todd-o-phonic Todd‘s WFMU show on Saturday, April 16, where they sat for an interviewed performed four songs from their current album Lost Time. Listen here!

If your station isn’t on board with Lost Time yet, you’re missing out! The record is at #3 at Radio 200, and was at #2 the week before! Get Tacocat in rotation right now.

Listen to track #8, “Talk,” below:

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