May The Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Headspace At Radio Now

Posted on May 4, 2016
May The Fourth Be With You – Star Wars Headspace At Radio Now

It’s Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you on this special occasion, which you should mark by spinning Star Wars Headspace on the air! Let us know if you’d like a new download of the compilation or the score for The Force Awakens.

The Boston Globe likes Star Wars Headspace, writing that even people who don’t like the massively popular film franchise will find “this compilation more enjoyable than its gimmicky premise suggests.” That gimmicky premise – to get Rick Rubin to assemble an all-star cast of producers to make beats using the original sounds of the Star Wars films – was expertly executed by the producers involved, says the paper.

Flying Lotus, Shlohmo, and A-Trak… sound amped to play in the Star Wars sonic sandbox,” writes reviewer Martín Caballero. “TroyBoi dives in early on ‘Force,’ mixing Jabba the Hutt’s baritone laugh and Darth Vader’s heavy breathing alongside a grimy drum-and-bass pulse. Howling Death Star sirens turn into a riot cry on Baauer’s ‘Cantina Boys,’ while Ewok horns smooth out ‘C-3PO’s Plight,’ Kaskade’s campy opener. Even the headier cuts have something to offer: ATTLAS’s moody electronic dreams on ‘Sunset Over Manaan’ is Star Wars-meets-Vangelis’s ‘Blade Runner.’ Rubin’s ‘NR-G7’ is another highlight of this solid, surprising set.” Read the full review here.

Listen to Track 11, “R2 Where R U?” by Flying Lotus below:

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