AllMusic and Paste Praise Rogue Wave

Posted on May 9, 2016
AllMusic and Paste Praise Rogue Wave

[Zach] Rogue‘s sweet melodies and sophisticated pop sensibilities show no signs of waning,” writes AllMusic about the new effort from Rogue Wave, Delusions of Grand Fur, “as the band’s wistful indie rock holds at its nucleus classic, band-lush singer/songwriter fare.” According to the site’s review, the new LP continues the band’s streak of albums that are absent of “lazy filler.” Read it here.

Fans interested in the creation of – and inspiration for – the album should visit Paste Magazine for a weighty interview feature on the band. Rather than just puff up his band, Zach Rogue spends some time in the interview discussing his feelings about the music industry as well as his regrets over past Rogue Wave albums. You’ll definitely want to delve deep by checking out the feature here.

Rogue Wave is looking for a big debut after a strong adds week at CMJ. Get Delusions of Grand Fur spinning now!

Listen to Track 3, “California Bride,” below:

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