Tacocat – Going for #1 at CMJ Radio 200 – Debuts “Talk” Video and Talks to MTV

Posted on May 9, 2016
Tacocat – Going for #1 at CMJ Radio 200 – Debuts “Talk” Video and Talks to MTV

Tacocat, whose “Dana Katherine Scully” and “I Hate the Weekend” videos have recently been featured in our newsletters, just can’t stop putting creative energy out into the world. The colorful Seattle-based feminist punkers are currently on tour in Europe, but Stateside fans can still get down to their new video, for “Talk,” which is available via Upset Magazine. According to bandmember Emily Nokes, the song is “one of the most different songs that we’ve ever made… I live in an apartment building where a lot of our friends live, and I’ve had really great experiences where everybody is just talking and talking and talking to each other and not on their phones.” Watch the glow-in-the-dark video here or below:

MTV recently featured Tacocat in an article that places the band’s current success into a context that explains not only their history but also the cultural influences that led them to become the band they are today. Find out how Tacocat turned “90s nostalgia into punk rock rebellion” here.

Tacocat’s Lost Time has been #2 on the CMJ Radio 200 for three of the last four weeks. It hasn’t faded on the charts because it is truly resonating with stations around the country that understand that, in addition to making excellent music, this band is working hard on a DIY level to do something that is not only fun and engaging but also thoughtful. Whether it has topped your charts or just been added to your rotation, please keep Lost Time in mind as you put together your charts this week — this album deserves to reach #1!

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