All The Real Girls Go For Adds with “Lizzie”

Posted on May 23, 2016
All The Real Girls Go For Adds with “Lizzie”

All The Real Girls is the new project from Peter Donovan, an earnest songwriter from the Pacific Northwest whose hearty, Americana-tinged work led members of Built To Spill, Death Cab For Cutie, Long Winters, Lashes, and Pell Mell to join him in creating a veritable supergroup. The band’s first album is inspired by Jo, an old woman he met while drinking at a bar near Bakersfield, California while he was there to film a part in the 2013 movie Lost on Purpose.  “She started giving me her entire family history, like five generations of it,” Donovan says. “Adultery, botched kidnappings, crazy cult leaders, schizophrenic starlets. It was nuts… I was writing as soon as I got back to my room.”

Though the album, Elk City, isn’t out until June 17th, the band has released the song “Lizzie” to join lead single “Elk City,” which was serviced in March. According to Donovan, the song “is about a pair of people, with a bit of a tumultuous romantic past, who stumble upon each other a couple years or so after the fact. At first, they’re just doing their best to be cordial, rehashing old memories, old regrets, laughing about how bad they were for each other. But, by the end of the night, they’ve both completely convinced themselves that this disaster might have actually been the one true love of their lifetime.”

“Sweeping melodies coexist with twangy, pastoral instrumentation… Donovan [is] like a young Conor Oberst.-Consequence of Sound

RIYL: Bright Eyes, The Hold Steady, Say Anything, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Weakerthans, Death Cab for Cutie 

Label: Self-released

FCC Clean

Adds 5/23 & 5/24

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