KAYE Talks With Billboard About Her Weezer-inspired Video

Posted on Jul 21, 2016
KAYE Talks With Billboard About Her Weezer-inspired Video

In an interview with Billboard, Charlene Kaye breaks down her new solo project, KAYE, which marks “the full breadth of her influences — finding a balance between her love of both Destiny’s Child and Nine Inch Nails.” She also talks about the process of making the video for her single “Honey.”

The video, “a shot-for-shot remake of Weezer‘s seminal Spike Jonze-helmed clip for ‘Undone — The Sweater Song,'” was directed by her sister, Liann Kaye. Although the videos bare close resemblance, “Honey” sounds completely unique. On the track, KAYE is backed by “punchy, electronic drums” and guitars that move around with a feel that KAYE describes as “very organic and very human.”

Additionally, the interview finds KAYE describing her influences, the inspiration she finds through touring, as well as how her band San Fermin has given her a much-needed musical reset to create this fresh project. Read the interview here, and look out for KAYE’s full EP, Honey, out August 19!

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