Atwood Magazine and 95.7 The Spin Feature Wages’ “Rattlesnake”

Posted on Aug 30, 2016
Atwood Magazine and 95.7 The Spin Feature Wages’ “Rattlesnake”

Atwood Magazine has premiered the music video for “Rattlesnake,” the opening track of Wages‘ excellent debut LP Glace. Along with the video, the site has some analytical words about the song’s lyrical content, which deals directly with emotional pain and is anchored by a chorus that “hits like fire and ice.” “Wages pull at our core emotions on ‘Rattlesnake,'” the site writes, “leaving us shred apart and vulnerable, like it’s us who had our hearts ripped out and not them.” Musically, the article isn’t shy about comparing the song’s sound to that of some impressive heavy-hitters: “Wailing Strokes-y guitars combine with a tight REM-like beat and melodies reminiscent of The Smiths and The Cure…, resulting in a sound that is as fresh as it is deeply embedded in the rock music canon.” What high praise!

The song was also featured recently in a video posted by 95.7 The Spin, The University of Southern Indiana’s alternative station which recently made the jump from the AM dial to the FM dial. In the video, Music Director Grace declares “Rattlesnake” to be her favorite new add of the week, calling it “super upbeat” and “really intense!” Wages is at #99 for a second week at CMJ Radio 200, help it jump higher into the Top 100!

Read the feature here, and watch the video below!

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