SoundChips and SoundFiction Feature Wages

Posted on Sep 15, 2016
SoundChips and SoundFiction Feature Wages

SoundChips has a stream of Wages’ “A Boat,” one of the diverse songs on the LA quartet’s debut LP Glace. As the site describes it, “The atmospheric nature of the vocals are so light, and the guitar chords lull you into a state of entrancement. New tones and pieces of the track are carefully placed onto one of another while you hear drums off in the distance. Are you getting closer, or are they?” Read the feature, and hear “A Boat,” here.

If “A Boat” is enticing, head over to SoundFiction to stream the entire album, which “has drawn comparisons to Band of Horses, Sigur Ros and Deerhunter” and includes both “feel-good indie rock and atmospheric, ambient sounds.” Check it out here.

Wages fans in Los Angeles can see the band live on Thursday, September 22 at their album release show at the Hi Hat.

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