Camille Issues “Lasso” Video and Hits New NACC Peak

Posted on Nov 20, 2017
Camille Issues “Lasso” Video and Hits New NACC Peak

Camille has released "Lasso," a video from her new album OUÏ.  The clip, co-directed by Camille and Olivier Montoro (the team behind her recent "Seeds" video), was also made at L'Axe Majeur, just outside of Paris. Camille calls it "an uneven merry-go-round that captures and frees at the same time." Watch it right here 

The LP has been huge success since its release earlier this year in France, as it debuted at the top of the charts in that country. Now it's making its way up the NACC charts, hitting a new peak at #76 last week at Radio 200 and matching its previous peak of #8 at NACC World. Get "Lasso" – and the other great songs on Camille's new album – spinning now.

Stream OUÏ on Apple Music or Spotify below.

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