New Music From Alex Lilly

Posted on Apr 9, 2019
New Music From Alex Lilly

Alex Lilly is a Renaissance Female. In addition to writing, producing, and playing in her own musical projects – including Obi Best, The Living Sisters, Touché, and Zero DeZire – the LA-based Lilly has established a notable career on the road in the touring bands of esteemed musicians like Beck, Lorde, Ry Cooder, and the bird and the bee.  Inara George, who sings for the bird and the bee, calls her “insanely gifted.” Now, on her debut LP, Alex Lilly brings all her musical gifts and ideas to the table along with her singular voice. Lilly’s songs, which she describes as having the sound of a “sexy psychological thriller,” are synthy, syrupy, and suspicious. The intrigue that abounds on 2% Milk will move listeners beyond toe-tapping and straight to brain-mapping. 

2% Milk was released earlier this year to much acclaim. Now, Lilly presents a solo acoustic version of one of the album’s highlights, “Firefly.” She explains, “If there’s ever a piano at a venue, ‘Firefly’ is my go-to, so it made sense to record this version. I’ve heard the lifespan of a firefly is just one night. I’m not sure if this is folklore or fact but I was thinking about this idea as pertains to love when I wrote ‘Firefly.’ I was still heartbroken over someone from years back and convinced I would not be able to love again… that maybe love is just a one-time phenomena. Very angsty idea but the feeling was very real.”

“Gorgeously performed on acoustic piano, this stripped down performance is a lilting and sadly lovely ode to lost love.” -Parade

RIYL: St. Vincent, Mr. Twin Sister, Tennis, Nite Jewel, Inara George

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