New Music From Dive Index

Posted on Apr 22, 2020
New Music From Dive Index

Waving At Airplanes, the fifth full-length from electronic composer/producer Will Thomas’s collaborative Dive Index project, provides an immersive and delicately nuanced exploration of both the human condition and the condition of humanity. With vocals shared between Natalie Walker (of trip-hop collective Daughter Darling plus an extensive solo career) and critically-acclaimed English multi-instrumentalist Merz, the album marries memorable melody to evocative mood in equal measure. This time, Thomas set specific parameters to his ever-exquisite sound design, sourcing almost everything (percussion included) from modular synthesizer. The only exceptions are some piano, acoustic guitar, and occasional extraneous sounds – nail gun, jackhammer – that leaked into the studio and were embraced into song. Waving At Airplanes takes its title from the overtly optimistic act of seeking the fleeting attention of passing strangers for the sake of sheer connection – a wonderfully non-jaded action confined to the very young and the very lost.

The album’s first two songs – “Window To Window,” featuring Walker, and “Near Enough,” with Merz – are included in our digital servicing as advance singles. According to Thomas in an interview with Atwood Magazine, “‘Window to Window’ is about a missed connection – two kindred spirits who came within close proximity, saw a glimpse of each other, and then were carried away before they could connect. The song came together very quickly as Natalie began weaving sombre melodies through the piano chords. The lyrical sentiment worked really nicely with the melancholic sound of the music and soon after we recorded the vocal, Natalie and I sat back and thought – Wow that’s a pretty heartbreaking story.” The full length is available May 29 via Neutral Music.

“An immersive, transformative listening experience” -Atwood Magazine

“After listening to [Dive Index’s last LP, Lost In The Pressure], I found myself even more awake than before, trying to unwind layers of composition, decipher between soundscapes.” -SLUG Mag

Label: Neutral Music

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