New Music From Particle Kid featuring Sean Ono Lennon & Mickey Raphael

Posted on Nov 10, 2021
New Music From Particle Kid featuring Sean Ono Lennon & Mickey Raphael

Described by Rolling Stone as a “trippy troubadour” and a “musical polymath who combines an indie DIY aesthetic with a questing hippie spirit and a relentless work ethic,“ Particle Kid is a constantly absorbing and evolving musician who has both musical DNA and professional experience backing Neil Young (along with his brother, Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real), collaborating with John Doe, Tinariwen, and The Flaming Lips and working on his own projects like the psych-punk orchestra Insects vs. Robots. Micah’s dad, Willie Nelson, helped name his band: Micah rolled into the house one day and Willie meant to say, “Welcome home Prodigal Son!” but he had just burned a fat one and it came out as, “Welcome home, Particle Kid!” instead. Currently on tour with The Flaming Lips, Particle Kid has just released "Velocirapture (The Serpent Flew)," which features Sean Ono Lennon and Mickey Raphael. 

According to Nelson, "One night I ate a weed edible and got really really high. I was up all night and couldn’t sleep because there were all these weird movies playing in my head. Sometime around 3am, lying awake in bed, this whole story just flashed in my brain about a lonely velociraptor…. it was a very human story. He is misunderstood by his parents and friends and becomes an outcast in his community and is exiled. I started thinking about dinosaurs, but as if they had very human egos, complete with fears and doubts and dreams and culture. The story of this velociraptor became like an epic personal journey in which is forced to face those fears and doubts and psychological delusions (or maybe they are real?). His whole family thinks he’s losing his mind and maybe he is. I started thinking about what he must have felt during his own extinction event and how surreal and psychedelic it must have been…like a prehistoric rapture/apocalypse. It was as if I lived his life story in my mind as I wrote the lyrics down frantically. There was no melody or music until a day or so before we recorded it. I believe the version on the record is our second or third take ever, just running through it trying different arrangements live in the studio… It captures the flawed and tattered spirit of our lead character, the velociraptor. Steve Chadie, the engineer, always gets such great sounds (especially his drums sounds!!). Sean Ono Lennon’s brilliant sonic painting and Mickey Raphael’s dinosaur screams on harmonica really fleshed out the world of the story." 

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Label: Overseas Artists Recordings

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