New Music From Rivi

Posted on Nov 17, 2021
New Music From Rivi

Following 2019’s The Removal, Nightwing marks the second collaboration between filmmaker-musician Chris Hunt and self-described hermit Rivi. Written remotely and recorded near Yucca Valley, CA in July of 2021, Nightwing shifts between austere ambient tableaus and siren-like voices within brooding rhythm punctuated throughout by wistful moments of levity and nostalgia.

Manipulated strings and hazy vocals glide over muscular drums as the title track drifts through terror and passion in moonlit air. With slicing cymbals and syncopation, Aphelion’s propulsion hovers over battlefields at the end of eons. Stryker wanders, glancing upwards towards vultures circling in the dark sky, reflecting on a metamorphosis of body and time.

Recommended Tracks: Track 2, “Nightwing,” Track 5, “Aphelion,” Track 9, “Stryker”

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