New Music From Julia Bhatt

Posted on Apr 27, 2022
New Music From Julia Bhatt

From September 2019 to early March 2020, Julia Bhatt experienced a whirlwind of life-changes: she released her first three singles (“Tall,” “Marco,” and “I’m Cool”), turned 18, and graduated high school. Just as she was really getting started – with the announcement of her first-ever tour, nonetheless –  the COVID-19 pandemic brought everything to a standstill. Holed up in Miami, several states away from her mentor and producer Elliot Jacobson in New York City, she started to write songs on Ableton Live rather than on the guitar – a whole new creative experience for her. This led to singles “Miami” and “Bird Girl,” as well as her debut EP 2 steps back, and now the it is what it is LP, available this summer.

New advance single “On My Shoulder” depicts the classic concept of having an imaginary angel on one shoulder and an imaginary devil on the other. Bhatt explains that the song “is about two halves constantly battling about what could have been. One is ambitious and strict, while the other is carefree and relaxed. I think a lot of people usually settle into one side or the other at different points in their lives, but they never really stop questioning each other. At least, I don’t think they should.”The previously-serviced first official single from the album, the jangly indie pop “Cotton Candy,” is “a love song of sorts, not necessarily about someone, but more of a feeling that can come from someone. It’s about feeling safe being on the edge and comfortable in foreign places… kind of like a rollercoaster. You put your trust in the thrill, sorta.”

“Bhatt is quickly finding herself in the conversation of alt-pop’s surging artists… Bhatt’s edge is in her rhythmic tracks, which are dance-inducing, borrowing for sure from the dance-crazed culture of her hometown of Miami—a wonderful tinge.”– Earmilk

“An ear-opening concoction that defies categorization, Julia’s music is such a fresh showcase of her Gen-Z genre-fluid talent.” – Prelude Press

“[Julia Bhatt] incorporates a wide variety of influences, from The Strokes to Fela Kuti.” – FLOOD 

“The singer-songwriter exudes an energy that refuses to go unnoticed.” – Miami New Times

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