New Music From Vic Ruggiero

Posted on Feb 9, 2023
New Music From Vic Ruggiero

Stuff In My Pockets is the latest project from singer-songwriter Vic Ruggiero, best known as the frontman of The Slackers and also as a contributor to projects by the likes of Rancid, The Transplants, and David Hillyard and the Rocksteady Seven. Known primarily as a singer and organist, he also plays piano, bass, banjo, cigar box guitar, guitar, harmonica, and percussion. His solo career started during breaks from The Slackers, astounding audiences with his trademark vocal chops, command of keys, and edgy brand of bluesy rock n roll as a one-man band. When on the road by himself, Ruggiero primarily plays guitar, harmonica and percussion.

As with his other solo work, Stuff In My Pockets forgoes the ska music for which he is known, while favoring a more bluesy, folk rock sound. This breezy collection of tunes plays into standard indie rock and power pop tropes, at times recalling Elvis Costello. While many of the tracks feature a laid-back vibe, others showcase Ruggiero’s energetic side. Guest musicians on the LP include Ben Parry (Catbite)Jon Lango (World/Inferno Friendship Society and Crazy and the Brains), and Todd Fausnacht (The Snails).

Recommended Tracks: Track 3, “Everyday Things,” Track 2, “Adam and Eve,” Track 5, “Lonesome Track”

“On Stuff in My Pockets, Vic leans into blues, folk, and even some power-pop for a record that that is as catchy as it is moving. Seriously, throughout the record, Vic demonstrates his mastery at songcraft.” –

“Soulful, swaggering, garage rock.” – Brooklyn Vegan

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Label: ORG Music

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