Touchingly Eulogizes Barry Craig, AKA A Produce

Posted on Apr 5, 2023 Touchingly Eulogizes Barry Craig, AKA A Produce

When Barry Craig, the artist behind A Produce, died in 2011, was there to provide an obituary and describe the artist’s sound in a compelling fashion. “As A Produce, Barry Craig created sweeping expanses of sound that owed a debt to Steve Roach.  But unlike Roach, A Produce usually had a hint of melody in his music, even in some of his most abstract, drone-zone works.I interviewed Barry in 1996 and looking back on it, it seems to sum up this musician as a man and as an artist. He picked a difficult moniker for a stage name, but it was an even more difficult musical road that this synthesist and composer tried to follow.  Throughout the 1990s he released a series of albums that explored the dimensions of introspective music and techno-tribal trance. Under the name of A Produce, synthesist Barry Craig made an ethereal brand of techno-tribal ambiences.” Read the whole article here.

The Clearing is the first A Produce album to get the expanded re-release treatment from Independent Project Records. It’s at radio now – are you spinning it?

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