New Music From Bobby Bazini

Posted on Apr 19, 2023
New Music From Bobby Bazini

With over a decade of success including multiple JUNO and ADISQ Award nominations, Platinum records, tens of millions of streams and sold-out shows, Bobby Bazini returns on August 25 with Pearl, a new album and something of a musical renaissance. Pearl was inspired by learning about how pearls are formed by oysters to protect themselves from foreign objects, which reminded Bazini of a darker time through which he’d just emerged. It was produced with Connor Seidel, who helped Bazini create what he says is “a concept album right down to the very last detail… everything, absolutely everything was going to lead us back to the pearl.” After three weeks of writing, Bazini and Seidel assembled a “dream team” of musicians alongside sound engineer Charles-Émile Beaudin, including Robbie Kuster (Patrick Watson) on drums, percussion, bells and saw; Conner Molander (Half Moon Run) on keyboards; Éveline Rousseau (The Barr Brothers) on harp; Antoine Gratton on strings; and Félix Petit (Les Louanges) on flute and saxophone.

In advance of the LP, Bazini offers two singles. With power that builds throughout, Bazini’s gritty vocals on “Pearl” are mixed with dynamic musical orchestration that provides a smooth yet magnifying presence. “Waterfallin” is a robust, multi-octave track on which Bazini’s crisp vocals are on display alongside the background melody that imitates the sounds of a flowing waterfall.


Label: Spectra Musique

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