New Music From Leslie Medford

Posted on Apr 27, 2023
New Music From Leslie Medford

Special occasions require special songs, and “Leslie’s Dream” is a slice of moody, brooding psych with a motorik heart and a throbbing political conscience. This rare new recording comes from Leslie Medford, the maverick leader of 80s San Francisco psychedelic journeymen The Ophelias, a band described by the venerable David Fricke as “modernists steeped in the vintage, local ethos of a late set at the Fillmore Auditorium – a potent tab of futurist acid-pop…laced with post-punk menace.” In 2022 Independent Project Records released a well-received retrospective titled Bare Bodkin, charting The Ophelias’ genre-defying journey.

Almost 40 years after the Ophelias began, Medford is still busy conjuring spacey image-rich reveries. If the USA was eligible for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, “Leslie’s Dream” would likely win the thing. Medford has perhaps hit the vein of the zeitgeist, and the track might just snowball onto summer dancefloors around the Continent and beyond (given the weather these days and this current atmosphere of impending chaos). Infectious and memorable, “Leslie’s Dream” aims to mobilize thought, booty-shaking, and an ecstatic, whooping, mosh pit of change.

FCC Clean

Label: Independent Project Records

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