New Music From Duo Brothers

Posted on May 17, 2023
New Music From Duo Brothers

Duo Brothers, a Tel Aviv-based quartet, creates psychedelic jazz and instrumental grooves that smooth out any stress. The group formed at the close of 2019, when guitarist Yonatan Levy and drummer Aviv Cohen, better known as Sol Monk, began tinkering with sounds in Levy’s studio. Friends and collaborators Shaul Eshet (keyboards) and Elyasaf Bashari (bass) soon joined, and the Brothers were complete. The band has been pushing their city’s expansive psych-scene to new heights since 2020, when they dropped their first, self-titled LP. Since then, their sound has stretched outwards with each new project.

Duo Brothers’ songs have long been built around Levy’s blissed-out guitar melodies — but on their third album, Cream and Sugar, the band’s sound comes from four equally creative minds. “Our first record was more me and Aviv writing. The second was me and Aviv leading the ship, but everyone at work. And now our third — we’re all steering the ship together,” says Levy. Duo Brothers recorded Cream and Sugar throughout 2022 in fits and starts, when their inspirations were aligned. Instead of arriving with riffs in mind, the band grew each song from seed together — often recording structured jams and falling in love with their first takes. Many of these ten tracks were completed through intuition alone — the quartet knowing they’d arrived safely on another planet, no need to discuss. “The minute you talk about it with words, something is missing,” says Levy. “If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t need to talk.” Cream and Sugar delivers joyful, playful, jazz-influenced grooves that unfold at their own pace. No stress, no rush — the music freely flowing towards the stars.

Label: Raw Tapes

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Not Everything Tastes Like Falafel,” Track 6, “Wake ‘n Bake,” Track 2, “All In.,” Track 7, Garbage Man

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