New Music From Natalie Walker

Posted on Jun 21, 2023
New Music From Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker is a Colorado-based solo songwriter and vocalist best known for her kaleidoscopic play on musical genre and ethereal vocals. Walker joined the Philadelphia-based trip-hop ensemble Daughter Darling as lead vocalist in 2002, captivating the first wave of her fan base with “Broken Bridge” from their first album Sweet Shadows. From that point of departure, Walker’s career continued to soar with a steady release of solo albums after the trio’s dissolution – Urban Angel (2006), With You (2008), Spark (2011), and Strange Bird (2017) – each of which emanated a musical vitality that enchanted listeners and critics. In the midst of it all, she also formed Mouchette, a Brooklyn-based indie band. Her last EP, Evenfall (2019), stands as her most recent solo release prior to COVID-19; yet, while much of the rest of the world fell silent in the midst of the pandemic, Walker did not. Since 2019, she has collaborated with the renowned producer William Orbit (Madonna, Blur, Peter Gabriel, No Doubt, U2) while also joining forces with Will Thomas of Dive Index to co-produce the 2020 LP Waving at Airplanes. To finalize her work in 2020, she dreamt up another album with Mouchette.

Now, Walker is excited to announce her newest song, “Heart Like a Lion.” The track was co-written and produced by Darren Burgos, who also crafted a dance remix under his Chance Of Lightning moniker. “Heart Like a Lion” is the sound of overcoming hardship and wearing it as a crown, a story of covet, and a declaration of self-love; it is a song of power. This is Natalie Walker’s emergence from the peripheral— you will hear her.

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