New Music From iogi

Posted on Oct 4, 2023
New Music From iogi

Over the course of the last decade, Tel Aviv-based recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer iogi has established himself as a musical Swiss Army knife and one of his city’s most versatile and prolific artists. Almost entirely self-produced, iogi is refreshingly funky, introspectⅳe, and a transportive blend of dream pop and indie rock, shar㏌g a kinship with Jerry Paper, Mild High Club, and Real Estate.

The lush collection of chamber-pop songs that make up we can be friends embodies that generous and easygoing spirit a result of iogi’s ability to make music that radiates with empathy and thoughtfulness. It’s music for afternoons where the sunlight perfectly touches the windowsill, as iogi has returned with an album that is straightforward in its loveliness. Iogi wrote and produced its entirety, playing nearly every instrument down to the string arrangements.

“The piano-led ‘6am’ is ghostly, dreamy, and hopeful; encompassing the dichotomy of a floating feeling… The gentler instrumentation is a testament to iogi’s breadth as a songwriter, compared to the groovy, upbeat nature of the forthcoming album’s title track, ‘we can be friends.'” – Broadway World

Recommended tracks: Track 4, “6am,” Track 2, “we can be friends,” Track 5, “slow step on quality wood”

FCC Clean

Label: Raw Tapes

Goes For Adds 10/10

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