New Music From Izzy Savides

Posted on Feb 8, 2024
New Music From Izzy Savides

Songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Izzy Savides has shared their eclectic debut EP Potato World, a dynamic work touching on alternative, R&B, pop, and grunge. Created at Detroit’s 54 Sound, where Eminem famously made many of his records, the set showcases Savides’ multi-instrumentalist talent and songwriting prowess at an incredibly young age. At 18, Savides can sing, produce, and play myriad instruments. They prefer to do everything themselves, from singing and playing the instruments to recording and mastering.

Each song on Potato World was inspired by a fear of losing their mind. “I have a vision of myself going insane eventually and in these songs I brought out the vision, using weird soundscapes, chords, and voices” they explain. Insanity is not a pleasant muse, but Savides’ output artfully meshes their musical influences into something new. Lead single “Prison in the Suburbs” sees Savides incorporate tritone substitutions, which are generally heard in jazz music, on grungy, raw guitar parts; test out an unpredictable, inverted bassline; and stacked vocals to create haunting harmonies with lyrics that lament their isolating childhood. “Autumn in Atlantis” is a sludgy, melancholic track where Savides wishes to disappear into a world of blissful perfection. It also touches on anorexia and the harm in striving to be flawless.

FCC Warning: Tracks 1,2,5,6. Digital servicing includes clean edits.

Recommended Tracks: Track 8, “Prison In The Suburbs (Clean Edit),” Track 3, “Autumn in Atlantis,” Track 7, “Fiona (Clean Edit)”

RIYL: Remi Wolf, Mamalarky, Wednesday

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