Alex Lilly is a Renaissance Female. In addition to writing, producing, and playing in her own musical projects – including Obi Best, The Living Sisters, Touché, and Zero DeZire – the LA-based Lilly has established a notable career on the road in the touring bands of esteemed musicians like Beck, Lorde, Ry Cooder, and the bird and the bee.  Inara George, who sings for the bird and the bee, calls her “insanely gifted.” Now, on her debut LP, Alex Lilly brings all her musical gifts and ideas to the table along with her singular voice. Lilly’s songs, which she describes as having the sound of a “sexy psychological thriller,” are synthy, syrupy, and suspicious. The intrigue that abounds on 2% Milk will move listeners beyond toe-tapping and straight to brain-mapping. 

Lilly’s abilities are unmistakable on the relentlessly catchy first single “Distracting Me,” a tune dedicated to the idea of enjoying the annoying. “Most of the time, I don’t like distractions, they get in my way,” she sings. “What made you the exception? Showing up and all I can think of to say: I love it when you are distracting me from what I think I need to do.” “Pornographic Mind,” another highlight, is a bright and whimsically-arranged number about being the object of unrequited lust. While she excels in this playful mode, the album also shines when Lilly takes a quieter, more pensive pose, as on album closer “Firefly” and the Daedelus-produced “Infantile.” Taken as a whole, 2% Milk is a testament to its creator’s overflowing talent.

“Lilly’s songs are full of musicianly gamesmanship. They’re synth-pop built around a decidedly human protagonist; they use hopscotching melody lines, shifty meters, subtly intricate counterpoint and spongy, unconventional synthesizer tones. But Lilly isn’t just showing off. Her convolutions also tell stories.” -The New York Times

“‘Pornographic Mind’ is a combination of classic AM radio pop, of the kind that has inspired Lilly’s sometime bandmate Inara George, as well as breezy, late ’80s synthesizer pop, think Madonna with a more poetic bent or Belinda Carlisle momentarily expressing an appreciation for the avant-garde.” -Popmatters

“‘Distracting Me’ is a light (but not slight) pop song with a punchy beat and engaging twisty-turny melodies.” -LA Record

RIYL: St. Vincent, Mr. Twin Sister, Tennis, Nite Jewel, the bird and the bee

FCC Clean

Recommended Tracks: 2,3,4,5,10

Label: Release Me Records

Goes For Adds 1/22

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