Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Caitlin Cobb-Vialet creates immediate intimacy on her debut album Endless Void. The songs are often fleeting – album opener “Not Enough” clocks at a slim two minutes, for example –  but it doesn’t matter; Cobb-Vialet imparts so much feeling in such a small amount of time. Discovered by visionary Bay Area producer Jim Greer (Foster The People, Macy Gray), Cobb-Vialet is, actually and truly, a discovery. It even feels like the songs must have been hidden from the songwriter herself, only being recognized and realized as they are being performed. According to Greer, “At our first meeting, she played me a few songs, and right away I heard shades of so many songwriters I’ve always been a fan of. Bits of Freddie Mercury, Kate Bush, David Bowie, Regina Spektor – the kind of artists that make their own universe and communicate wide swaths of emotion and beauty.”

Accessing for herself these timeless artist’s knack for accessibility is part of the inherent potential Cobb-Vialet’s songs have to connect and convey a unique young life that, even now, isn’t often represented; besides love and heartbreak, these songs also explore queerness, consent, mental illness, friendship, and coming of age. She says, “As an artist I would say I am non-linear, emotional, brutally honest, and relentless.” 

“Disarming and thoughtful.” – CLOUT

“It’s the rare genius composition that incorporates unusual rhythms and the occasional off-key note not because the performer made a mistake but because the performer wants you to feel the song’s awkwardness.” – Spinning Platters

“Disarmingly real and genuine with her approach to the craft.” – SF Weekly

RIYL: Regina Spektor, Cat Power, Sylvan Esso, Courtney Barnett, Dar Williams, Marissa Nadler, Tori Amos

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Not Enough,” Track 2, “Joan To Catherine,” Track 3, “Ask Me,” Track 8, “Disco Ball”

FCC Clean

Label: War Chant Records

Goes For Adds 5/10

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