Indie/folk musician EVVAN is a non-binary singer, producer, and songwriter based on Long Island, NY. “Music is our most powerful form of communication, both on a personal level and as a means to reach others,” they say.. “It has the ability to dig deep and help you discover your passions, flaws, and sense of self.” EVVAN’s new EP, The Little Things, dives into all aspects of vulnerability. “Many, if not most, people have difficulty expressing their deepest emotions whether they be anger, sadness, loneliness, even love,” the artist says. Throughout the EP, EVVAN expresses their frustration with the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, their search to find intimacy with someone, and their yearning for comfort in finally admitting their need to be held. 

On the title track, EVVAN focuses on the beauty of living in the moment with a gratefulness for the little things in life. “The Little Things” differs from the other tracks on the EP, completely stripped down to a simplicity that grows until it meets a guitar solo which sings its own melody over layers of interweaving harmonies and accompanying acoustics. “This song gently pushes you to take a look around and pause for a moment to remind yourself of the little, seemingly insignificant, things in life to be thankful for,” EVVAN explains. EVVAN’s continued message of “not needing anything” further exemplifies their outlook on life in staying present and appreciating what you have over what you don’t. “It’s human nature to want things, but we rarely see what’s already in front of us. Some of us have a roof over our heads while others don’t. Some of us have warm, home-cooked meals that fill up our tummies while others don’t,” EVVAN says. “So, let’s focus on the little things. At the end of the day, they’re not so little if we acknowledge how lucky we are to have them.”

“There is a lovely calm and warmth to EVVAN’s vocals… [“Home”] washes over you… an honest and heartwarming offering that we can all relate to.” – Folk Radio UK 

“[They] may be a folk artist, but there is more to these songs than just a singer with an acoustic guitar.” – Americana Highways

“[EVVAN is] unapologetically giving, taking strings of deep-rooted thoughts and translucent memories and tying them up into careful bows of melody and heart.” – EARMILK


Recommended Tracks: Track 3, “Hold Me Close, Track 1, “Craving,” Track 2, “Dust”

Goes For Adds 6/13

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