With songs filled with power-hungry guitar riffs, impeccable vocals, and thunderous grooves, The Ladies Of… is a musical cocktail that combines the vibe and sounds of David Bowie, Spoon, Bleachers, and The Killers, complete with a vigorous shake and a plastic sword garnish. Birthed in 2012, the group is made of a group of writers and performers from around the Southeast including James Hall (Mary My Hope, The Pleasure Club), Mark Patrick and Jack Massey (Storm Orphans), and Jim Troglen (The Autumn Lords) along with Jaz Jillette, Sam Smithwich, and producer Jeff Tomei (Smashing Pumpkins, Jerry Cantrell). The band employs a hybrid approach to songwriting, with duties split between producer Tomei, guitarist Troglen, and singer/trumpeter Hall. They will play a game of musical ping pong to streamline the arrangements. “We write from our hearts and never worry about specific genres,” Tomei explains. “The Ladies Of… are known for being reverse eloquent, scattered, and laden with raw irony, cheap humor, and bad choices stuffed into the bowels of a unicorn having a bad hair day.”

The Ladies Of… are armed and dangerous on their eighth album, Coming Out Of Our Tenderness, which was made at Jesse Dupree’s Cock of The Walk studios north of Atlanta. Lead single “Vouch For Me” is propelled by a powerful bass riff and Hall’s propulsive chanting, while “We Are The Wu Wu” is a passionate plea for love and compassion that recalls the Beastie Boys and features a trumpet. Then, out of the blue, jump jazz slides in on “Know No Boundaries.”

“A barrage of slinky, night-crawling music….” – AL.com 

A charismatic bonfire… [a] glamorous-trash rock ‘n’ roll swapping spit with sticky-slick funk ‘n’ soul, a horny commotion ignited  from a clash of cosmopolitan cool and carnal heat.” – Stomp and Stammer

FCC WARNING: Track 9. “Know No Boundaries.” Digital Servicing includes clean edit.

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, “Vouch For Me,” Track 6, “We Are The Wu Wu,” Track 10, “Know No Boundaries (radio edit)”

Goes For Adds 7/11


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