From Houston, Ghost Party is an indie psych revival group consisting of singer-songwriter/guitarist McCullough Ferguson, who has shared stages with Roky Erickson, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and Night Beats as the lead guitarist of Flower Graves (Wallflower Records); drummer Victor Sanchez; and bassist/keyboardist Kendrick Ballard. The Ghost Party pays homage to the godfathers of psych rock while advancing the form with a few modern twists and turns. Mixing sunny harmonies, fuzzed out guitars, and vintage combo organs to great effect and recording it to analog tape. The Ghost Party seamlessly blends influences such as weirdo melodic pop from the Elephant Six collective, 60s folk gems a la Elyse Weinberg, and French cinema to weave sonic oracles through the ether. Fueled by Farfisa memories and lush double tracked harmonies, The Ghost Party exists where human life meets the curtain to the beyond.

Debut single “Severed Hands” is a psych-oriented rock number produced by Khruangbin producer Steve Christensen, while second single “Lonesome Breath” is a breezy foray into psychedelic country rock with a little bit of the Muscle Shoals soul sound for good measure. On it, the band is joined by pedal steel master Will Van Horn, notable for his work with Khruangbin and Leon Bridges. Van Horn also joins the band for third single  “Yankee Reaper,”  a driving, surreal retro cosmic psychedelic-rock gospel stomp with The Beatles (aka “the White Album”) vibes that meet T.Rex influences with a bit of twang’…

“Brings back a smoky psychedelia, laying really low like a bit of rustling leaves in your yard. They build in a nice little plot twist when they hit the chorus, letting the melody evolve into more of a playful boogie or stomp, something that gives off a bit more groove to the genre. ” -Austin Town Hall

“Harmonies, pedal steel, and vintage vibes… The soundtrack to open the cosmic portal and transcend time and space… [Ghost Party] guides you through a euphoric realm, where the boundaries of reality blur into a kaleidoscope of auditory delight.” -Last Day Deaf

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