Malawian singer and songwriter Keturah, a powerful new voice for Southeast Africa, has announced that her self-titled debut album will be released on May 19 via Hen House Studios. Raised in the rural countryside, Keturah set out on foot at 14 years of age, having lost her parents, and trekked to Blantyre, Malawi’s second largest city, looking for a recording studio. With a beautiful voice and powerful poise, she soon became a celebrity in Malawi. An introduction to Harlan Steinberger, who owns Hen House Studios in Venice Beach, California, recently brought Keturah to America for the first time to record the album at Hen House with an all star cast including members of the Playing for Change Band, LA-based soul singer Chris Pierce, Zimbabwean guitar legend Louis Mhlanga, The Doors’ John Densmore, jazz prodigy Jamael Dean, percussionist Magatte Sow (Angélique Kidjo), and more.

The album journeys through a dynamic blend of genres, from the lively, upbeat afro-folk-funk rhythms of “Kwanumkwanu” to the emotive ballads of “Sukulu” and “Chimbalame”, the Americana inspired “Nchiwewe” and more lighthearted tracks such as “All The Way from Africa” and “Ku Nyumba.” Keturah’s exceptional songwriting and powerful vocals are elevated by intricate percussion, melodic guitar lines, subtle backing vocals and horns, creating an eclectic album that showcases her talent as an African songstress ready to make a global impact.


Goes For Adds 5/23

Label: Hen House Studios


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